And so it begins

27 Mar

I’ve done it already twice – write the welcome note on my new blog, I mean. My first was a movie blog, my second – a fashion/lifestyle journal. Yet both haven’t received much attention from me lately. I simply realized there are plenty of movie websites and blogs already, and writing yet another review of a popular movie to have it read by a few friends is a rather thankless job. As for fashion, while it was easy to get readers with this one (less writing/reading involved too), I’ve soon grown tired of trying to immerse myself in the world of fashion on a daily basis, as it matters much less to me than to real pro fashion bloggers.

So after much consideration, I decided to give blogging another go, and this time dedicate my blog to what I do best – criticizing. After all I’ve written my share of critical newspaper columns (and rather successful ones at that), and I seem to always have much more to say about the things that annoy or even infuriate me than the things I enjoy and admire.

The subjects of my rants will mostly be limited to pop culture and lifestyle – which is what I know best. But they might as well crossover into politics and international affairs – after all, everything is so interconnected now. One last remark: when I say “criticize” I don’t mean that my every piece will be aimed at trashing something or other – at times it would be just some ironic commentary with due respect to the subject (if it happens to deserve it).


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